History of Radford, Virginia

The history of Radford, Virginia, predates the American Revolution by more than a decade. In its more than 200-year history, Radford has seen strife, prosperity, and peace. Today, the city stands as a beacon of history in the surrounding community.

Prior to the arrival of the railroad, the settlement of Radford sat at the New River crossing on what is now US 11. In 1762, William Ingles established Ingles’ Ferry. Shortly after its founding, the ferry became the center for business in the area. Within a few years, a general store, tavern, and blacksmith opened their doors.

The 1854 arrival of the railroad brought growth to the Radford area. The depot was established at a central location and became the center for both commercial and residential growth. In 1854, the area had a population of just 30. Two years later, the population surpassed 100 people.

Between 1880 and 1890, the city’s population soared from 300 to 3,000. In 1885, Central City was officially renamed to Radford. In 1892, Radford’s population exceeded 5,000.

In the 1930s, Radford became a spot of choice for federal military production pursuits. As a result, the population boomed and employment alone exceeded 20,000. Following World War II, population growth slowed.

The railroad’s passenger service ended in 1971, effectively halting the city’s population growth. Today, Radford is a small university town with an active business community. If you’re in the Radford area and are in need of a car, come stop by Harvey’s GM.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

The winter is tough on everyone and everything, including our cars. This spring, extend your spring cleaning routine to your vehicle, washing it down and making it shine for the warmer months. Since spring cleaning is typically the time we do a thorough cleaning rather than just a cursory one, devote the extra time to cleaning up your car in a way that will make it feel luxuriously new. Here are some cleaning tips for your car that we recommend.

Wash exterior:

When the temperature is high enough that you want to spend afternoon outdoors, listen to your favorite tunes as you take the time to thoroughly wash down the exterior of your car after the winter wear-and-tear. Wash off winter’s dirt, salt, and grime, and shine the windows so they look like new. Maybe even polish and wax your car’s finish. You should also check your windshield wiper blades to make sure they’re still in good shape and ready for spring rainfall.

Deep clean interior:

After months of keeping the windows up and letting a bit of trash accumulate on your car’s floor, take the time to deep clean the interior’s carpet and upholstery. Use a vacuum or carpet cleaning machine on both the floor and seats, wipe down the dash and console, and add an air freshener of your favorite scent. Additionally, remove any winter weather accessories and store them away for the warmer months.

If your vehicle requires extensive service to prepare for the spring season, bring it on down to Harvey’s GM, where we are happy to help.