A Few Fun DIY Christmas Gifts for Anyone

Want to give out something unique this Christmas? Consider one of these delightful DIY Christmas gifts! They’re perfect for anyone, from a friend at work to your beloved service technician at Harvey’s GM.

  1. Hand-Warmers: Cute and convenient, a nice set of cotton hand-warmers will surely come in… handy! All you need to complete this craft is cute fabric, cotton fleece, and a little bit of needle and thread.
  2. Rootbeer Reindeer: All this precious gift requires is a six pack of bottled rootbeer (preferably brown in color), some brown pipe cleaners, red poof-balls, and googly eyes. Just apply them to each bottle in the six pack, and you’ll be well on your way to a tasty “Santa’s sleigh” of a DIY Christmas gift.
  3. Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix: Fill a glass mason jar with your favorite cocoa powder and all the mixin’s you desire, from peppermint bark to peanut-butter chips.
  4. Coffee Cup Candle: Pick up some miscellaneous mugs from any thrift store and fill them with hot wax and a wick then — voila! — you have an adorable, personalized candle!
  5. Clay Jewelry Dish: Get crafter’s clay from any art supply store and form small, simple dishes, splash some colorful paint on them, and give them out as ring or earring dishes.

Of course, if you’re planning to surprise someone on your list with a brand-new vehicle, you can find the perfect automotive option here at Harvey’s GM.