Best Summer Vacation Spots in Radford

Located just a short drive from Roanoke, Radford, Virginia is a prime destination for affordable lodging, making it a magnificent vacation spot. Visitors from all over the country stop by Radford to take a breather before making their way to Roanoke. What many travelers find is that there are plenty of summer vacation spots in Radford that make it a great place for a getaway. We here at Harvey Chevrolet have a few local favorites we’d like to share with you.

  • Albans Sanatorium – Ghost hunters and horror lovers will find the St. Albans Sanatorium right up their spooky alley. The facility used to house the mentally ill, most of whom who were subject to experimental procedures. Originally constructed in 1892 as a Lutheran Boys School, the land was not unfamiliar with the supernatural. Today, it’s rumored that the facility is home to more ghosts than living creatures.
  • Glencoe Museum – History buffs interested in the years following the American Civil War need look no further than the Glencoe Museum. Visitors will enjoy a life-like picture of the Reconstruction Era through the many exhibits depicting the history behind the Civil War, railroads, and Radford.
  • Virginia Museum of Transportation – Speaking of the railroad, the Virginia Museum of Transportation offers a larger-than-life look at it through an exhibit that features both the local and regional use of the rails. Visitors can also enjoy an aviation gallery.