2017 Virginia Auto Show Was a Success

Auto shows are an ideal place for those interested in expanding their knowledge about cars, SUVs, and trucks. It’s nice to be able to ask questions in a pressure-free environment. Auto shows provide that, thanks to their educational nature.

The Virginia Motor Trend International Auto Show, which took place in Richmond February 17-19, was one of many international auto shows in the country. The Virginia Auto Show presented hundreds of new vehicles, from the latest designs to classic automobiles, even including custom cars. Visitors spent the weekend browsing the versatile displays, and they had time to take in everything from exterior design details to different engine options.

There were plenty of experts on hand at the Virginia Auto Show, so visitors could ask questions and get to know each vehicle. Auto shows, such as this one, are a great place to do some research before buying a new car.  They’re also a nice opportunity to see—or even test drive—some of the newest models in the automobile market.

One of the most exciting new displays at the 2017 Virginia Auto Show was the new Chevrolet Bolt EV. The Bolt EV, which offers around 238 miles of range and accommodating features, won the Motor Trend Car of the Year. Visitors were able to explore all that the Bolt has to offer and learn how it’s doing its part to lead the way toward greener driving options.